Patience During the Trials

“Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing in prayer;”-Romans 12:12 KJV

We never understand the lesson during the storm but hindsight teaches us just how faithful our God truly is! Ever had a time in your life where you were facing what you thought was the worst situation you had to endure? Maybe you had 3 bills past due without even $10 in your checking account and your car battery decided to die. Maybe your children were in desperate need of new shoes and a close relative died out of state. Maybe your spouse left you at the same time you were supposed to start a brand new job. I’m sure we have all had to face what we thought was the worst of the worst, hell on Earth, our darkest storm to date. So ponder this…did you survive? If you’re reading this then obviously you did! You overcame, you beat the odds, you cam out victorious. The real thought however doesn’t go into what happens after the storm. God is watching what we do DURING the storm! How did you react to the monkey wrenches thrown in your plan? How did you treat the person that cut you off in 5 o’clock traffic after you had the worst day at work for the third day in a row? He’s paying attention to everything that we do all the time, that’s why it’s so important to…rejoice in hope, remain patient during tribulation, and continue to pray!

The trials and tribulations of our lives come as no surprise to our sovereign God. The great “I Am” sees and knows all at all times! He is aware of every time someone does us wrong or we do someone else wrong. He knows when we cheat on our diets and our spouses. He knows when we have a desire to sin and choose not to instead. Praise God for His mercy and everlasting love! Our Father will never put us more than we can bare. Take Job from the land of Uz for example. The Bible says that Job was “blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil”(Job 1:1). This Old Testament fellow had 10 children, thousands of sheep and camels, hundreds of donkeys and oxen, as well as servants galore. Jobs family had parties and feasts. They were great in all the land! God saw and blessed Job, but Satan wanted Job dead. He actually went to God and asked for the hedge around Job to be removed, attempting to get Job to curse God (and likely ultimately kill him)! What did God do? He allowed it. He removed the hedge from around Job and we read that while Job lost everything, he did not blame God, he praised Him instead (Job 1:20-22). This is how we, as the body of believers, must react to tribulation in our lives as well.