Room For One More? 

​Close your eyes and imagine you’re at home at your dinner table. You have called upon your loved ones to join you in appreciation of life and new beginnings. There’s a huge meal you’ve prepared, you’re set to feast with plenty of people you know. Your spouse or boyfriend, kids, friends, parents, your siblings, and grandparents. Your church family is there and everyone good that you know. In walks our leader President Obama and behind him are drug dealers/lords, drug addicts, prostitutes, rapists, murderers, liars, and thieves. You see OJ Simpson, Cayley Anthony, George Zimmerman, Michael Vick, Michael Jackson, Osama Bin Laden, and Andrea Yates. Your loved ones are appalled! What do you do? Kick them out? Refuse them your wonderful meal? Turn up your nose and give them the scraps? What about your promised meal of new beginnings? Can you show others the Christ in you or is it reserved only for the good people? In Mark 2:14-17 we find Jesus in a similar scene. He has just called Levi (Matthew), the tax collector (a sinful line of work), to be His disciple. While dining at his home, other tax collectors and sinners come to join them and the Pharisees are disgusted. But Jesus reminds them, it’s not the righteous, holy ones that He is here for, because the healthy don’t need healing. Eh, the sick need a doctor therefore the sinners need Jesus! Before we judge or look down at someone for what they have done or been through we gotta look at ourselves. Let’s remember that we too were (some still are) in the world. That’s why love is so important!! Jesus came because God so loved the entire world, righteous and unrighteous, Jew and Gentile, black or white, gay or straight, man or woman. So before we condemn anybody, we need to see the Christ in them and know that Jesus came to save us as well as those we see differently. We are not saved by the works that we do nor is anyone better than the next because of a title. The Word tells us that the first shall be last and the last shall be first (Matthew 19:30). Therefore,  those with titles,  training, or education may very be called after those who have been imprinted with life’s difficulties! We will be rewarded for all of our works when Jesus comes (Matthew 16:27) but we are given the second greatest commandment, to love one another. Loving each other my friends, is inviting the sick, the fallen, and the sinner in to dine with you. 
YSIC-Cj 🙏✨💞


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