Dad knows Best!

​Not only does your Father know what is best for you, He knows what is good, what will hurt, your vices, your indiscretions, bad habits, your flaming tongue, that bad attitude, the bitterness, the secret sexual habit, and anything else that remains covered that He could display on front street but provides grace instead. Father loves us right where we are so it’s up to us to bend as He commands. It’s only for our good! 

So why do we fight the change? Why do we insist upon doing things our own way, fighting a losing battle? Why do we try hard to hold on to people who have their own minds, beliefs, and purposes? Why do we walk in anxiety knowing that God controls it all? The Father will press and crush at His desire to get the good juice (fine holy oil) outta you. He’s not letting go till your blessed! He’s gonna wrestle with you, even knock your hip outta place to do what He needs to do in your life. That thorn (trouble/pain/sorrow) in your life, is Gods way of displaying His grace. His grace is sufficient! You are not perfect. Sometimes you’re gonna yell. You may curse, scream, and cry. You may stumble, fall, or backslide but your Daddy sees it all. He knows your heart and He would rather you call on Him then call that no good friend, see that no good man, call that no good woman, read that no good Instagram meme, pick up that no good joint, or take a shot of that no good liquor. All things are permissible but not all things are good for you, that’s why you have to submit and allow this sanctification to take place. 

The Lord knows the plans He has for you my friend! They’re even better than what you have for yourself! Quit fighting this battle. Lay down your weapons and surrender to Holy Spirit. Say “yes” to the Lord and “no” to anything out of His will or that does not glorify Him. When we act out of our flesh, demanding the things that we want, going the way we desire, and saying whatever we feel like saying, we are acting outside of Gods will. Mince those harsh words. Cut that jealous stare. Hold your tongue because it can do so much damage. We are to match our hearts with God so that eventually we are so in sync with Him, that whatever we do is of Him. We may have to cut some things off but it’s for our good. Yes that includes certain people aka the leeches, haters, naysayers, and frenemiesin your life. It’s time to detox and cut them out once and for all before God does it for you! Cease from the luxuries that are crippling you. If you know your rent is due, don’t pay it late. Stop spending your gas money to get high! Stop spending money on wine without a tithe for the Lord. Allow the Holy Spirit to convict you before God has to correct you! Cease from thine own will and let Gods will be done. If what you want for yourself is magnificent…wouldn’t what your Father wants be so much more than that? 
YSIC-Cj 💎👑💍