Called and Chosen

You have been chosen and called for a time such as this. That thing that lights your fire. That thing that makes you warm inside. That thing that you wake up first thing in the morning and absolutely have to do…it’s time to do it. I don’t know what it is for you but you do. I don’t know what God has led you to love, but you do. My friends it’s time to stop running. Stop running from your calling. Stop running from your passion. Stop running from your purpose! What have you got to lose? What is stopping you? What are you afraid of?  The thing you want most is right on the other side of the door that you have refused for so long to open. Open it! Do it! Walk through it! Quit being afraid of what others might say, how they might feel, or what the may think of you. Are you REALLY going to let how the next person feels deflect you from what God has called you to do?! Is man your Creator or was it He who knit you in your mothers womb and knows the plans He has for you? Quit playing with your life! Quit playing with Gods time! Quit playing with the lives of others because in actuality your gift is not even for you…it’s for other people! Your tests are not about you, they are your testimonies for others. The mess that brought you to seeking your purpose was meant for you to relay a message to others. I know you’ve been trying, seeking, searching, praying, looking, asking, wondering, and growing tired. You’ve tried to live right and things go wrong. You feel like giving up but you can’t my friend…you’ve been CALLED and CHOSEN. You are called and chosen to do excatly what it is that’s set in your heart that brings you peace. Maybe it’s to teach, maybe write, maybe preach, maybe run, maybe sing, maybe model, maybe build, maybe design…only YOU and GOD know! 
Waste not another second. Contemplate no more. Stop wavering. Stop wondering. Write the vision and make it plain. The time is now and my friend, I decree there is a blessing tied to your obedience. One that will blow your mind and show EVERYONE who doubted, lied on you, criticized, and hated on you that they were wrong.  

You have been called and chosen, for such a time as THIS.