Take the limits off!

“​Now to Him (Glory to Him) who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,”

Ephesians 3:20 NKJV

Do you believe that God can do anything? Be honest now. Do you believe that God can do anything, everything, the seemingly impossible, and handle that mega problem that’s in your life, as well as those around you? 

As humans, we often limit God to do what WE think He is able to do. We think, “If it’s big for us, surely it must be big for God”. Bro, let me be real, God is bigger than your issue! Sis, I’ll tell you a secret, God has the FINAL say on your issue too! 

His words and thoughts are not like ours which means that just because we are scrambling around trying to figure out if we should float a check to pay for rent and lights…

Just because we are pawning our last piece of jewelry or our PS4 to pay daycare…

Just because we are borrowing from Peter (Amscot) to pay Paul (Bank of America)…

None of this means that God can’t handle it! We just refuse to take the limits off God and trust Him. We like to take matters into our own hands and do all these things when God is really saying ” Trust Me.”

I hear a word saying many are troubled in their finances so let me direct you to a promise from God in Malachi 3:8-10. God is saying “Bring me your while tithe. Just $50 out of the $500 you made this week son. Bring it to My house so there is food and needed supplies for others. Bring Me your 10% so that when Sister Gladys or Brother Anthony comes filling out their benevolence envelope for food or light money, there will be help for them too daughter. They need it. Test Me. Watch Me give YOU an overflow. Not because you deserve or earned it. But because I Am.”

Take the limits off God and watch Him deliver your sibling that you have been praying for faithfully. Take the limits off God and watch Him fix the broken relationship between you and your Mom. Take the limits off God and watch Him heal your aching body, destroy the Stage 2 cancer, and set free your troubled spirit. Take the limits off God and watch Him restore your marriage, then make it 10x better than before. Take the limits off God and watch Him promote you to places and positions you didn’t even ask for. Take the limits off God and watch Him do exceeding abundantly in your life and those around you! If we are human parents (those who fall short) and we give our kids the best, what do we think our perfect Abba Father will do for us (Luke 11:13) ? Take the limits off! You are questioning if the Word is true that says He promises to answer when you come to Him in prayer (John 14:13-14, 16:23-24)? Take the limits off! You wonder if with God nothing is impossible (Mark 10:27)? Take the limits off! 

The doubt you fight, the anxiety you feel, and the worry that consumes you, is nothing to our God. Don’t fret, God has it all covered! A mentor of mine once said to me “Cj. Don’t tell God how big your storm is. Tell the storm how big your God is”. Be encouraged. God is greater, stronger, and bigger than any storm you face. Remember, Jesus calmed the storm Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25).😏

Take the limits off God, step aside, and watch Him do the impossible (Luke 1:37).


YSIC-Cj 💪👑💙



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