Trust in the Lord

How shall a young person find his or her way, live righteously, and remain in Gods hand? By walking in the law of the Lord.(Psalm 119:1-read the whole chapter!!) Everything you need for life is set right in your Bible. Every answer you seek, every bit of advice, every promise that is yours, is in the Word of our Father. If you never understand a single message I share, understand this, stop worrying and TRUST GOD. You cannot know Him if you don’t seek Him. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever gain clarity! Your faith is renewed each time you read His Word, bringing you all the more close to Him because His Word is His heart! This morning before I was even awake I heard “You are above only, not below. You are the head and not the tail.” God builds us up even when we are resting! He comforts us while we mourn. He carries us when we cannot walk. He loves us when we feel unworthy. Our God is Deliverer. Our God is mighty. Our God says that we are victorious! No matter the battle you face, God knows it and He is working it out for your good. To share some of my testimony, I am in the middle of a custody battle for one of my daughters. Looking in, the enemy thinks I am at the disadvantage. He thinks I’m distraught, defeated, feeling small and helpless. Honey, at one time, I was and I would even say it (not no more)! But I TRUST GOD. The devil thinks I don’t have an attorney, I do, His name is Holy Spirit. My jury? Jesus! My judge? God Himself! Just as the Lord was with David when he beat Goliath, He will be with me when I WIN my case and I will continue to give Him all the glory! God is there even when you are discouraged and distraught. Believe He will bring you out GREATER than you could ever imagine. I hope today, that someone will be encouraged by my walking testimony and believe that God will pull them through. You too are the head and not the tail, you are above ONLY and not below. Speak and declare your victory. Walk out you faith. Praise Him in advance because your breakthrough is but a “Hallelujah!” away! Believing God to grant you your hearts desires today.
YSIC- Cj ❤💪😁